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Utility Scale Solar Solutions

Utility solar power plants are connected directly to the local power distribution grid and produce multi-megawatt scale zero-carbon electricity.

Enviromena coordinates financing, design, installation and operations of utility scale solar projects.

End Users

  • Governments and utilities diversifying their power portfolio with clean, zero-carbon energy sources
  • Power developers capitalizing on alternative energy tariff programs


  • Most cost effective form of solar electricity on a per kilowatt hour (kWh) basis due to economies of scale
  • Produces peak electricity during the middle of the day, offsetting peak demand
  • Large battery banks not required for storage, electricity is exported directly to the municipal power grid
  • 25 year or more service life, very low operational cost
  • No moving parts, no fuel consumption

Featured Project


The Masdar 10 MW Solar Power Plant was the largest solar photovoltaic system ever constructed in the Middle East and North Africa when it was completed in 2009. The plant is incorporated into Masdar City, a zero-carbon city under construction in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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