• Qatar Student Housing

Stand Alone Solar Solutions

Scalable solar power systems to provide electricity in areas without access to conventional power sources.

End Users

  • Off grid with solar diesel hybrid
  • Telecommunications
  • Remote irrigation
  • Municipalities with remote lighting requirements


  • Scalable power output ranges from a few watts to multi-magawatt
  • Perfect for areas that do not have access to conventional power
  • Saves fuel consumption, carbon emissions and noise pollution associated with conventional power generators
  • Replaces high cost diesel generators
  • Highly durable components and reliable power output
  • Scalable autonomy with backup batteries mean systems can deliver power even during days with poor solar conditions

Featured Project


Various rooftop solar photovoltaic power systems installed to the rooftops of student housing buildings being constructed in Doha by the Qatar Foundation. Eleven individual solar system cummulatively total 737 kW in power production capacity.

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