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Residential Solar Solutions

Roof mounted or architecturally integrated solar power systems providing zero-carbon energy and a highly visible investment into sustainability.

End Users

  • Environmentally conscious landlords and homeowners


  • Capitalizes on Government incentive programs (where applicable)
  • Scalable to any size and can be retrofitted
  • Offers a point of difference for rental or sale and adds value to a property as a building amenity
  • Reduces electricity bills and dependence on conventional carbon-based power
  • Highly visible environmental statement
  • Connects directly to the building’s electrical system
  • Quick and easy installation with virtually no impact on building operations

Featured Project


The 755 kWp Hybrid PV-Diesel Genset Power Plant provides 24 hour per day electricity to a remote, off-grid residential complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The hybrid power plant is comprised of a 2.4 MW set of diesel generators, a 755 kWp solar photovoltaic system, and a microgrid which interconnects the two power production sources and delivers the power to the nearby end user.

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