Siwa 10 MW Solar Power Plant

Project Description

Masdar’s 10 megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Siwa was the largest solar power installation in Egypt at the time of its completion in March 2015. The project is the first utility-scale solar power installation in the Arab Republic of Egypt and accounts for 30% of the grid capacity of Siwa City and its adjoining areas. This solar installation produces 17,551 MWh of clean electricity annually and displaces approximately 14,000 tons of CO2 per year. The plant consists of 74,640 micromorph thin-film panels and supplies clean, safe and secure electricity to over 6,000 homes in Siwa City and outskirts.Unique to this project is the plant’s integration to an existing micro-grid of diesel generators, making it one of the largest PV-deisel hybrid systems in the world.  PV-deisel hybrid projects like this one hold great promise for delivering reliable electricity to remote communities around the world that do not otherwise have access to grid power. With clean solar PV energy displacing a significant amount of diesel fuel consumption, PV-deisel hybrid solutions can produce both cheaper and cleaner electricity. As one of the first large-scale PV-deisel hybrid plants in the world, the Siwa Solar PV Plant will demonstrate the effectiveness of hybrid technologies and promote the wide-scale adoption of these types of plants.