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Green Tech Media: Masdar Visit: Solar Projects in Abu Dhabi

January 25, 2011

PV does work in the Middle East.  And it will keep unemployment down, as they need lots of laborers to brush the dust off the panels every two weeks.

While attending the World Future Energy Summit, we received a tour of Masdar City given by Martyn Potter, the Director of Operations and Facilities. And there is some good news to report.  The mini-university is operational.  Yes, it is only small campus consisting of six buildings (67,000 square meters), but construction is underway for another 90,000 square meters of facilities. The buildings constitute the Masdar Institute — a university with labs, teaching space, and apartments for the students. There are currently 167 students enrolled in the Masdar Institute. Phase 2 of Masdar City is expected to be completed in 2Q 2012, and should include commercial space. The Masdar headquarters is scheduled for completion by 2013.  Of more interest to those in the solar industry, we also received a tour of the various solar projects that Masdar has initiated.

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