Enviromena power systems

Time Magazine: An Enviro Utopia in the Abu Dhabi Desert

January 19, 2009

Sami Khoreibi couldn’t stop beaming at his company’s work. The baby-faced CEO of Enviromena Power Systems, Khoreibi started his business just a little over a year ago. Now he was standing over a 10-megawatt solar farm in the desert outside Abu Dhabi, with row after row of solar panels angled to the Middle East sun […]

Emirates Business: Experts to Shed Light Future of Alternative Energy in UAE

Top government officials, heads of global organisations, leading environmentalists and the largest international investors will meet once again at the World Future Energy Summit in the UAE, to discuss, debate and plan for the future of energy.

The National: Abu Dhabi Switches on to Solar

January 15, 2009

Abu Dhabi residents will begin to benefit from clean energy in March, marking a first for the region when the renewable energy company, Masdar, connects its solar power station to the grid.

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